Web Apps

How it works


We define your needs and objectives, identifying the best solution to achieve them


We establish in detail all the functions that will be provided by the web app and share them with you


We keep you up to date with the work progress delivering the intermediate versions


We first perform accurate internal tests and then we deliver you a test version so you can request changes and improvements


We publish the app and the web app on the web and on the reference stores, keeping it updated and easily downloadable

Bludelego’s web applications provide you with effective and simple solutions to streamline your work. Each application is designed to best integrate into your company’s processes so it can be used immediately and with ease.



Bludelego’s apps are designed to meet your specific needs


You are not going to be the one to adapt to the procedures and processes of the app: it will be the app that will be optimized according to your requests


Our apps are simple to use and streamline business processes by optimizing them and save you money as well