Boost your
digital presence!

Bludelego supports your company in the adoption of effective and personalized digital tools.

Our goal is to improve your digital image and visibility on the web as well as identify with you web or smartphone solutions that can give effective answers to the needs of your customers or the needs of your business organization.

Here are some of our Web & Digital solutions


Ecommerce websites

We have a long experience in creating websites and e-commerce for both small and medium-sized companies, using cutting-edge technologies with optimal results on all devices.

web app

Web applications

The web applications created by Bludelego are designed and tailored in base of your needs, in order to guarantee maximum ease of use and optimisation in business processes.


Smartphone apps

From graphic and technical design, to the creation, testing and publication on the Android and Apple markets, Bludelego is able to offer you high quality standards by creating custom-made apps for your customers or for your staff.


Social and digital presence

We take care of your digital image and visibility on the web and on social media in both graphic and content aspects as well as in the technical ones, always operating in close connection with your staff to guarantee a result in line with your corporate communication.


Our web & digital team is highly specialized and able to offer you wide range expertise across the web & digital industry


Operability guaranteed every day, without interruptions for holidays, illness leaves and permits. You will always have control over the progress of your projects.


Pay only the resources you really need and when you need them, without fixed costs and being able to speed up or slow down the work.


You will always have, for all your activities, a single interlocutor who will dialogue with you without technicalities and having as main objective that of understanding your needs.

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