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the digital age!

Paper documents represent a high cost for each company: they require space to be archived, long times for research and consultation, are subject to loss and deterioration.

With Bludelego services you can get rid of these costs with extremely simple, safe and reliable solutions

Here are some Document management solutions

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Electronic archiving

Our filing systems make it possible to respect the paper workflow to which the company is accustomed, while ensuring the immediate accessibility of all documents from multiple locations and their search according to all the useful parameters.



Our dematerialization services allow you to quickly transform existing archives into digital format. Dematerialization is carried out by associating each document with useful information for the retrieval and research of the documents themselves.


Substitutive conservation

The Substitutive Conservation allows to keep, in accordance with the law in force, electronic documents with legal / fiscal value, so that they can be effective to third parties and administrations.

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Electronic invoicing

Electronic invoicing, both to individuals and businesses, allows the complete automatic management of electronic invoices issued and received, automatically including them within the company’s document management.


The Bludelego team is highly specialized and able to identify with you the electronic storage solutions best suited to your needs.


Operability guaranteed every day, without interruptions for holidays, sickness leaves and permits. Our advanced disaster recovery systems also ensure maximum IT security.


You only pay for the resources you really need and when you need them, being able to easily manage peak workloads and disposal of previous archives.


You will always have, for all your activities, a single interlocutor who will dialogue with you without technicalities and having as main objective that of understanding your needs.

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