BackOffice and Order Entry

Bludelego solutions for document management and electronic archiving are highly scalable, secure and personalized. This allows our customers to reduce fixed costs, increase productivity and focus on the company’s core business.

Increase your company’s efficiency!

Our Back Office services ensure you high quality standards and allow you to focus resources on the company’s core business.

Our staff is highly specialized and can operate both on our software and be trained to use your company’s system.

Here are some of our back office services

Order entry

Our order entry services, both on proprietary and non-proprietary systems, guarantee both the insertion of information and the control of their consistency and correctness according to your instructions.


We carry out on your behalf, with highly specialized personnel, the management of the billing cycles with the allocation to the cost centers, the processing of payroll, F24 and all the accounting documents.

Document Management

With Bludelego you can free yourself of the paper documentation that is transformed into an electronic document and stored together with the information for its easy retrieval and management.

Provider and customer management

Bludelego carries out, following your company procedures, the updating of the personal data, the insertion of the documentation in the customer / supplier cards, the registration of the invoices and the management of the warehouse


Our staff is highly specialized and, if necessary, is trained with you on the technical aspects


You only pay for the resources you really need and when you need them and you can easily manage peak times and seasonality.


Operability guaranteed every day, without interruptions for holidays, illness leaves and permits.


You will always have a single interlocutor for all your activities and you will be able to monitor performance and results in real time

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